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Saturday, March 17, 2007

This has to stop!

If you take the negative campaigning out of politics you won't have politics as we know it today.

Hillary Rodham Clinton--- she needs to be shown the door--- out. She's an emotionless animal. Her mouth smiles but her eyes don't.

Besides, no one knows what she's doing. She says one thing one day (with a very bad southern drawl I might add) and says the opposite thing the very next day. Her political machine is mining negative information on all of her competition (including Obama's unpaid parking violations) and she's skirting the difficult questions thrown her way by some of those conservative interviewers who might still have some semblance of a spine.

For instance, Whitewater! Why was it that Bill Clinton just happened to fire 93 federal prosecutors approximately a month before information was going to be released regarding his and Hillary's involvement in the Whitewater scandal? That's a bit curious wouldn't you think.

Oh yeah, executive privelege. They served at his pleasure. I forgot.

When Bush's staff reviews and releases 9 federal prosecutors there's an uproar--- a Democrat "look what he's done now" furor!

There's calls for more investigations, more committees, more probes, more waste of our tax money to further muddy those already muddied waters.

I'm sick of it. I know this much, I'm not a republican nor a democrat. I used to vote for the person. I've voted for republicans, democrats, independents, libertarians--- all kinds and shapes.

However given the Murtha, Pelosi, Schumer, Reid, Clinton, Kennedy--- the list can go on forever--- agendas I'm not voting democrat again. I may not vote republican all the way down the line but I'll swear right now that I'll definitely not vote democrat. I'll do everything in my power to defeat the democrats. And I'm just one of many who feels this way!

One of many!

These most recent democrat distortions of truth are sickening, frightening, polarizing, self serving antics designed to simply GET POWER--- to seize the day!

We, the citizens of this fine country are not adequately being represented and all who are force feeding us this rubbish should be held accountable in the end.

We sent these politicos to Washington D.C. to pass legislation, create law, enhance our standards. We pay them very good money to make good decisions, do their job and not succumb to distractions or serve personal agendas. We ensure they're well compensated for their travel and lodging while they're "representing" us.

So, why aren't they getting the job done? Why are they voting on "non-binding" legislation that has nothing to do with what they were sent to do? Why are they attaching pork barrel attachments to otherwise sound bills?

Why are they muddying these waters?

And why aren't we calling foul and firing each and every one of them?

My humble opinion, for what it's worth.


USpace said...

Hillary the PIAPS makes me sick, check out 'The Hillary Show' co-hosted by Howard 'Screamin' Dean on stophernow.com

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
make everything FREE

paying for things is SO wrong
nothing should have value

ttueoop said...

I agree totally uspace.

By the way, I love "The Hillary Show". Very funny, yet very scarey.