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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Washington State was sold out!

...as was our nation!

Dave Reichert, Washington State Representative, Republican, how did you read the entire 1,500 plus pages of Cap and Trade bill in the very, very limited time you had to review it before you voted for it?

And after you read it (which I'll bet didn't happen) how the hell in good conscience did you bring yourself to vote for it?

What part of "Representative" do you not understand Reichert?

This is a sell out to higher energy prices, bigger government, special interests, more financial assaults on the working Joes and blatant catering to the George Soros' of the world!

ACORN, et. al. never had it so good. You helped line their nests at our (the taxpayers, the citizens) expense.

Those who tell us they read the bill in it's entirety and understood what they read are liars! Our whole national existence is GONE as we knew it! Our government has taken us hostage and is demanding unimaginable and unachievable ransoms for our freedoms... one chunk at a time.

We are very, very rapidly becoming a socialist, tyrannical state and our politicos are laughing all the way to the bank.

Even as we overloaded the phone lines to congress yesterday... even as we spoke to their staffers we were betrayed! Betrayed by the very people we put in those positions to "represent" us!

Reichert! Did Barack Hussein Obama promise to make you a Csar somewhere? Somehow?

Are you going to vote for this absurd Health Care Reform Bill? In otherwords, are you going to vote for socialized medicine too? Are you in favor of diluting our medical care and making us a socialist or communist state? Or will it be a tyranny? Will you tell us now?

I doubt it... you're not that type of person. Not that type of individual who tells things like it is. Tells things as he sees them. I thought you were, many of us thought your were but you're not! You certainly showed your true colors yesterday.

Reichert, you betrayed us! You caved to desperation... caved to keeping your seat in congress. You've lost your spine you used to have when you were the local Sheriff in King County, Washington.

I'm not in your district, not one of your "voters" but I and my family are directly affected by your cowardly vote for this crap... err, excuse me... cap and trade fiasco!

The damaage is done! You've helped put a knife in the back of our freedom as we knew it! You and those like you are now twisting that knife.

What I want to know is just who in the hell do these politico nutcases like you Reichert think you are when it comes to deciding what is best for me and mine in every day life? We've managed to live our lives without much of yours and their unwanted intrusions until now, what makes you and them think you know what's best for us and ours???

In my humble opinion and for what it's worth Dave Reichert you're a coward, a sellout and a fraud. You are a disgrace to our state. I will do all in my power to ensure you do not get re-elected to that "representative" position you're so desperately trying to keep!

There was a day when I respected and admired you for your accomplishments. You lost all of my respect and admiration yesterday, Friday, June 26, 2009 when you buckled under pressure.

See there, republicans are no different than democrats! They'll sell your soul to keep theirs!

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