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Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Message From Montana...

While wandering around on the internet news this morning I found a citizen's post to a page at the Great Falls Tribune. Hopefully, if this link works you can read it HERE.

The post says a lot about how us, the normal everyday working Joe's perception is regarding what's happening behind the scenes in our "new" country, "Obamaland".

I'm posting it below in case the link doesn't work. It's entertaining and oh so onthe mark!

An interesting read!

"I would just like to say thank you"

Posted 6/26/2009 7:22 PM MDT on greatfallstribune.com

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank you for showing up. I know its been some time since we've had our last meeting and it was behind closed doors as was necessary. Mr. Soros, I thought now would be an appropriate time to give an assessment of the situation and convey my appreciation. Mr. treasurer, Tim I want to thank you and commend you on the way you've handled that nasty corporation scandal and affairs of General Motors and Chrysler. I think you did an exemplary job on the bailout and the stimulation package as well. I realize Mr. Barney Frank was in the background working side-by-side with you. Between the two of you, you managed to get control or least leverage on the banks and the mortgage industry, good job, well done. I do think the unions may become a problem later down the line however right now we have them mollified and they're happy with the situation because they are blind with greed. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, you amaze me, every time I think the spotlight is about to swing onto me, you come up with some new diversion or stir up something in Congress and or in the news media. you totally and completely divert the attention of the public away from me and onto you and Congress, it's amazing I don't know how you do it. I thought the part when the news media captured you at that meeting with the illegal aliens telling them, it was un-American not to allow illegal aliens medical, dental, drivers licenses, and Social Security. It was really great and timely when once again you diverted attention from me and what I was upto,and onto yourself with that CIA fiasco, what was that all about anyway? did they really lie?or were you just having fun?. Joe you need to learn to clam up, you give too much away. Oh yes and Mr. Gibbs thank you so much, you have controlled the press releases in exactly the right manner. We now have almost total control of the media with the exception of Fox and the Washington Post. The Washington Post however is starting to swing our way since I quietly removed the chief editor.(that was almost as good as when I fired those CEO's, oh that was fun) OH yeah somebody needs to do something about Glenn Beck, he is starting to be a problem. Gibbs, see if you can handle that or at least censure him. also, another great bonus was that Republican Senator what's his name? You know the one that flew to Argentina so he could cheat on his wife? Anyway that's not important what is important was Gibbs arranged for the media to go into a feeding frenzy over this one senator cheating on his wife to divert attention away from the clean energy bill that was on the floor of the House. Of course you and I know this bill as a cap and trade bill. I was desperate to have attention diverted away from this vote I did not want all the people calling their congressmen and telling them don't vote for it. I just can't believe our luck, the day before this bill was to go in front of the house Michael Jackson passed away. It only took a little nudging from Gibbs (as we now have most of the control over the media) to turn this into a media frenzy. Even Fox failed to report on the cap and trade bill being passed. The whole news media much to my joy was entirely involved in the life and Times of Michael Jackson. OH this is great, Don't get me wrong, I'm very sad that he passed away but as Hillary said we need to make the most out of every bad situation and believe me I intend to make the most out of Michael Jackson passing away and totally diverting attention from the clean energy bill. Oh what a break. "Now let me be clear about this" please understand, we own General Motors, we own Chrysler, we have mostly control over the banks. With the passage of the clean energy bill we will have total control over people's heat over their lights and over their income and with the health bill we will be able to make people even more dependent our government. Stick with me and you'll see what I mean, Even as we speak acorn is gathering personal information from every person in this country(28 pages) that we will be able to use against them. Continuing though, I also want to thank homeland security, and the rest of you people that worked so hard to help us take over this country. I can honestly say I believe that the people of this country will be better off with a benevolent dictator such as myself who also has his appointed assistants or czars if you wish to be called that. We are the elite we know what's best for this country the general population does not. Do not look back, look forward, we have a great and growing partnership with China and together with China we can establish a world order in which we can rule the world.
Once again I want to thank you for a job well done, even though the clean energy bill has passed, there is still a lot of work to be done in the takeover and conversion of this country but we are well on our way. Just think of this as a giant shell game with the need to divert attention to win. allright everybody, thank you, now let's get back to work and would somebody please find my prayer mat and show me which direction is East?
"Obamas meeting"

Many thanks to the Great Falls Tribune for their service to the community!

And thanks for your post Rocco!

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