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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Before our very eyes!!!

We're being gang-raped as a nation. Obama and his entourage are accomplishing exactly what they've set out to do. They are changing America just like they promised they would... from the land of the free to the land of the subservient. They will not stop until we, as individual citizens and collectively, become slavish to them... to their changes!

I watch as the press villifies those dumb ass republicans and wonder whatever happened to all of the scandals brought out over the years... and currently being mentioned about the demoncrats. What about Senator "Cold Cash" Jefferson and his frozen bundle of "payoff" money? Why isn't he in prison by now? You and I surely would be! Hell, we'd still be in prison awaiting trial from back when we were first accused.

How about Barney Frank, one of the co-masterminds of the failures of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? What about Frank and the ethical conflict of interest he had with his "boyfriend" who served on that there financial oversight committee or whatever it was? How about the charges that his boyfriend "allegedly" ran an escort service out of Frank's home? Why isn't Frank being held accountable for his inept handling and cover ups that led to the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac banking failures and subsequent housing crash?

What about Harry Reid's sons "alleged" unethical lawyering and business "deals"? If I recall, information "suggested" these lucrative deals involved extensive inside information being sent their way... millions were and still are being made by them. Why is he not at least probed a bit more regarding these allegations? And why are the results not publicly posted?

Let's talk about Nancy Pelosi's husband making off with a great deal of cash in another sweetheart deal "allegedly" handed out by insiders in congress? What about her cozy arrangements with all of the illegals in waiting? Will it be amnesty or will it be amnesty? More voters for the dems. What about Chris Dodd's bundle he made by selling stock and other securities just before the market crashed worldwide? That kind of smacks as a conflict of interest. What about his part in the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac fiasco? Why is there no accountability here???

...it can and should go on! Repubes and Demoncrats alike!

We could get into the Demoncrats backing the failure of the auto industries, housing markets/finance, health care "reform", witch hunt at Gitmo, etc. but why do the repubes work for them?

There's a feeding frenzy going on of the likes that I've never seen before and the repubes are running with their tails between their legs. Every friggin' politico has abandoned us, the citizens... their "employers" for the sake of saving themselves, of personal greed and to protect their individual nest eggs they've created!

I'm of the belief that the repubes are scattered and hiding in individual spider holes throughout this land when not at mandatory appearances in DC and elsewhere. I'm of the belief that these cowards are hiding and hoping that they individually are not next... abandoning any thought about protecting and serving us, the citizens of this once fine nation!

We're watching the demoncrat thugs as they travel in packs take out individual repube politicos throughout the world... let alone the country. I mean, it's a simple chore. All any politico from either party has to do is sit back and watch for a bit. Observe their adversaries activities, listen, collect information and strike like the belly crawling snakes in the grass they are!

The demoncrats have it down to a fine art. The repubes are in disarray and truly have no collective direction. They're simply looking out for themselves like a bunch of shell shocked hostages.

It's sickening, maddening and downright wrong watching our country being torn to shreds by these selfish, fat cat, greedy, grubbing, scum of the earth politicos... repubes and demoncrats alike!

And it's happening to us right before our eyes! We're just not collectively understanding how we've allowed these freaks to ruin our nation as we know it!

They have no soul... and they're taking ours one soul at a time.


Anonymous said...

get a grip...the sky is actually not falling.

I prefer to look at the glass as half full.

ttueoop said...

Oh I have a darned good grip and I'm definitely aware the sky is not falling. I don't have my head buried in the sand... I can see the sky's not falling. Quite frankly it won't... there's simple physics that needs to come into play with that little option before it does.

But, that glass you're looking at... the one that's half full, half empty. I don't care what level the contents are at in it, the contents are still poison pure and simple.

So, you sip it dry. You seem to be comfortable with it's contents. I'll pass.

Personally, I don't want anything to do with it. And friend, you've landed on my personal blog.

Thanks for your comment.