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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sharing a post from---

Gateway Pundit. The news that's not reported!

Iraqi Sunni tribe helps protects Iraqi Shiite tribe
By Ali Alshumary in Alkut Iraq

The Sunni Aljuhaishat tribe helped protected men from the Alkufaifan Shiite tribe after armed fighting broke out between the Alkufaifan and an armed group. Men from the Aljuhaishat tribe answered a call for help from Alkufaifan even though there were light clashes between these two tribes just a few days ago.

As soon as Aljuhaishat answered the call of the Shiite Alkufaifan tribe it became evident that the attackers were not from a local Sunni tribe. The attackers were creating strife between the two tribes by attacking the Shiite tribe and making it seem as if the local Sunni tribe Aljuhaishat was attacking the Shiite Alkufaifan tribe. After all day fighting the Shiite Alkufaifan with the support of the Sunni Aljuhaishat tribe, seven of the attackers were killed and three were captured. It became evident that the attackers were members of a murder and robbery gang or militia. Later men from both tribes praised and thanked each other for helping ending the attackers and help the truth come out.

This incident proves the national unity of most Iraqis while turning a blind eye to their sect or origin.

Haider Ajina comments:

The cooperation and comradeship amongst Sunni & Shiite displayed here is very similar to the Iraq I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s before Saddam came to power.

Incidences such as these (Sunni & Shiite helping each other) happen frequently in Iraq. They go unreported in the Western media (see CNN). It is mostly the former Baathists and Alqaida and some Shiite militia who are creating the sectarian strife in Iraq. The foreign influences of Iran and Syria especially fund and aid the strife. Criminal gangs or militia, who can be Sunni or Shiite, are trying to ignite fighting amongst Tribes in Iraq. I could not find further details about these criminals who tried to get Aljuhaishat and Alkufaifan to fight each other. Gladly, cooler heads prevailed and the truth came out.

Haider Ajina

The only question I have here is how do we know these criminals weren't from a far more demonic organization--- al qaeda?

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