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Monday, November 06, 2006

Some Global Views, November 06, 2006---

Here's some opinions from elsewhere, a day late:

At Iviews.com the muslim vote and what affect it will have on the mid term elections here in the United States is discussed. Note how Dr. Aslam Abdullah is Editor-in-Chief of the Muslim Observer tosses out the "loss of almost 650,000 Iraqi civilians", a grossly overestimated figure that has been positively refuted. I guess if it's in print elsewhere and it serves particular needs then it's going to be quoted, right or wrong. I just thought an "Editor-in-Chief" would have a bit more integrity than this. But then again---

Daniel Ortega is moving ahead in the Nicaragua presidential elections.

Bishop Nazir Ali of Rochester, the Church of England’s only Asian bishop criticizes muslim behavior.

Iran is ready to provide missiles to Lebanon. Like they weren't providing them already???

South Korea is planning on working closely with Japan and the United States at the renewed 6 nations disarmament talks that are being proposed with North Korea.

That covered a lot of ground--- eh?

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Saddam got the death penalty. But then again, is that news?


Joseph said...

The Lebanese being supplied with more weapons? I wonder if this means they'll make a comeback. I honestly can't remember hearing much about the Lebanese since their terrorist popularity during 80's, then they just sort of seemed to fizzle out of the news.

Looks like you (well, me too) have been uprgraded to the rank of "perps" by Mr. Sanity himself, J.F. Marino.


Also, we've been accused of being a tag-team. Does this mean I have to break out the colorful mask and spandex leotard e.g. WWF?

ttueoop said...

You know Joseph, this guy's good! He's figured us out in one post. Wow.

Especially this part--- "Unless of course they know all about this technology and are deliberately discrediting me to misdirect the public -- a distinct possibility."

How'd he come to this conclusion so quickly. I thought we were very covert and discreet about our purpose.

Damn! Found out again!

We'll most likely be recalled and sent back for more training

Joseph said...

We'll undoubtedly be recalled by the agency for debriefing and retraining after the next Bilderberg conference. Since he's this good, it's just a matter of time before he finds out the real purpose behind the HAARP project too. I'm betting he still thinks it's all about weather control and the last series of hyperdimensional hurricanes we've had over the past several years. The truth about that one is really going "fry" his grey-matter! Time to cut this one short, my Bates shoe phone is ringing.