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Monday, February 11, 2019

The Ocasio-Cortez and Markey Control Plan.

That socialist politico Alexandrea Ocasio Cortez and her idiot relatively unheard of (until now) co-signer, Ed Markey co-sponsored a bill that demands our attention! Don't think for a moment it will "die in committee". Don't make that assumption. That's how this crap gets through our congress... apathy and simply ignoring this stuff for what it truly is... idiocy.

It's not about green, it's about control. Total control! Here's a link to their wholly outrageous and absurd "plan" to get a bit more control of our lives. These two idiots (and those who support them) aren't making anything better by insisting we live according to their "agenda". Try your best not to be fooled. If you're inclined to sign on to this crap pull your head out of your arses and take a breath of fresh air for once. This is not a "Clean Air" plan, it's a blatant grab for total control of our everyday lives.

This is straight from the socialist doctrines throughout the world.

Many thanks to the UK's Daily Mail for the article referred to above. I preferred to use their link simply because they're "from the outside looking in" and can truly appreciate just how insane this liberal, socialist Orcasio-Cortez and her co-signer Ed Markey's "plan" truly is. The whole "green" agenda is a facade. It's become nothing more than a vessel to acquire a stronger socialist footprint in our country. And it works on the brain dead liberals.



1 comment:

Glenn Heryford said...

Plato once said that the MOST important key to society and it's welfare is "who is teaching the children and WHAT are they teaching them"? I Bring this up ONLY because it should be evident to all the demise of this country is being engineered from within. Remember "all enemies foreign and domestic"
A coup could easily be arranged over a period of time by the re-education of the youth...AOC is a prime example of the failings to teach capitalism and our countries values and principles to our youth.