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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Their tolerance is waning!

Nashville Tennessee mooslum terror threats:

I read this article on Atlas Shrugs about a mooslum woman who not only openly threatened her co-worker but who revealed she and scores of thousands of mooslums are integral parts of a global mooslum movement . This claim has been repeated throughout the globe on many occasions yet “moderates” and the naïve continue to explain it away as nothing but bravado, chest pounding by a very limited number of mooslum extremists.

I say it’s an important and growing trend that needs to be noticed, needs to be addressed. When the bantor, when the threats escalate to the scale they’ve escalated to I believe we need to take notice and some are. If not for some pretty fed up folks out here in our country who overhear the mooslum banter, are berated by the mooslum “moderates”, are the object of mooslum angst we’d be clueless as to what’s in store for us down the road.

Make no mistake about it, so called “moderate” mooslums aren’t wholly moderate! They’re labeled “moderate” by design, by they’re mentors. “Moderate” mooslums are the enablers of the radicals, their “keepers”, their “conscience”, their tempering voice. Moderates cook the books, make the money, pay the tithes so that the radicals can spread their mooslum terror globally.

This religion of peace crap! Really? Tell that to this nice, moderate mooslum who's being publicly caned for the sake of islum. Animals!

We can’t afford to be the sheep any longer. We need to become and remain vigilant, report what we view as suspicious to the appropriate authorities, recognize escalating behaviors, sensibly yet passionately resist any moderate or extremist “bullying”, “belittling” bantor.

Above all we need to immediately report any purported or communicated threats to our safety, freedoms, country, neighbors… our existence from anyone, not just the mooslums. Converts are out there. The weak, the naïve, the ignorant…


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