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Saturday, January 27, 2007

The "Mad Mufti of Australia!"

He's at it again! Check out this article at The Australian — The Nation.

What's most interesting about the whole article is the fact that the misgivings expressed by members of the Lebanese Muslim Association, (LMA) through their association's president, Tom Zreika had little to do with the sheik's absurd, off the wall statements in support of fundamental islam.

Instead, their concerns had more to do with sheik Taj Din al-Hilali's political statements possibly jeopardizing Lebanese Muslim candidates chances in Australia's upcoming March elections.

"We will tolerate it if it's about islam, but if it's in relation to the coming election then we are not going to tolerate it," Mr Zreika said. "It's becoming a bit of a freak show. People come just to see what he's going to say next."

There was very little outcry by Zreika or, for that matter other members of the muslim community after Hilali gave a controversial sermon last year at the popular Lakemba Mosque... a mosque owned by the Lebanese Muslim Association.

In that particular sermon Hilali compared immodestly dressed women to "uncovered meat", claiming such women encourage rape.

After his remarks were met with some international clamor he went into a two month, self imposed "exile" (read "vacation") to Mecca and Egypt. He recently returned to Australia.

According to the report found at "The Astralian"---

"In an appearance on Egyptian television this month, (Hilali's) comments in Arabic were translated as saying that Muslims were more entitled to live in Australia than Anglo-Saxons sent as convicts in chains, and that Westerners were liars.

Sheik Hilali responded by blaming the media and said he was misunderstood."

Wasn't that the same excuse he used for his "uncovered meat" remarks?

As mentioned and as expected there appears to be little or no condemnation from within the global muslim community directed to Hilali regarding his volatile and incredulous remarks.

Instead, there's local muslim concerns that his remarks might be too political in nature, drawing unnecessary attention to those muslim candidates who just happen to be running for office.

Once again, hypocrisy and appeasement--- the islamic way.

But where's that tolerance they keep talking about?

Remember, Hilali's the Australian Mufti!

And damn! He certainly is a freak, I'll give him that.

I'm in total agreement with Zreika there!


Gravelrash said...

I'm one of those Aussies who "came in chains". (Well, my g-g-g-g-g-grandfather was!!)
I was kinda interested to see the good Mufti single me and mine out for attention.

Flattery will get him nowhere!

He's still a fat, self-obsessed, ignorant, wanna be in the larger world of 'getting your hands on Saudi dollars'. Gotta avoid working for the kufar, at all costs, and.... those Saudi's! Man, they are just flat out flooding Australia with petro-dollars for the jihad. It's an even better shtick than bludging on the "dole".

Dennis said...


Hang on to what you have! As the proud national group you Aussie's are, recover what you have lost through acquiesence, enablement, appeasement to those who are not well intended, regardless of what they say.

Take back those special swimming pool priveleges, those special "little" things that, by themselves seem trivial but grouped together define subjection, appeasement--- however slight.

As you well know the "little" concessions fuel demands for the bigger concessions. Make those who demand concessions, special priveleges--- make them assimilate into your Australian culture.

Don't convert to theirs.

This Mufti is an idiot who has no real grasp on what is actually outside of islam. I hear rumblings from other muslims that he's not representing islam correctly.

I hear this--- in emails, in online discussions yet I don't see the "moderate" muslims taking an active stand against him or those like him globally.

Nah, we're being subjected to demands for appeasement, concessions in the United States as well. Like a cancer, some major metro areas are starting to appease, concede.

It starts small and grows.

islam is certainly a blight on civilization, a growing cancer.