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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Putin to POSPOTUS obummer- go pound sand!

Putin tells obummer to go pound sand in not so many ways!

Yesterday obummer "warned" Putin against intervening in the Ukraine civil war. Obummer insisted if there was intervention by force then he would... oh, I don't know, he never made that clear but he would... I guess, do SOMETHING?!

After Putin heard that he polled the Russian parliament and, well, got the approval to use military force in Ukraine. All a democratic process, eh? I mean, Putin didn't make the decision unilaterally. Putin did what any good hard core, adept leader would do. Putin sent in his forces to "probe" the situation and set up advance staging areas "just in case" and when Putin saw the situation continuing to deteriorate he polled his parliament and asked for permission to do more if necessary to "maintain peace and stability" in the region... oh, and let's not forget "unity".

obummer in the meantime, between his retro speeches to his sheeple tossed out his very well polished (and very much used) school boy counter to threats using his "oh yeah? Well, don't do it or you'll be sorry" speech for his four thousandth or so time while acting as this country's pathetically inept POSPOTUS.

I'm friggin' worried! For the first time since this POSPOTUS has been elected I can see us in breadlines, cowered together against the cold and trying to make things work again... as a country... or what's left of a country while the whole world nips at our flanks.

We're rapidly becoming the weakest of the herd and it ain't a pretty sight!

Putin will end up using force, obummer will end up threatening Putin again and again and again. Putin will remind obummer of obummer's promise to Putin during obummer's re-election bid... the re-election that was thrown over the top by the dead, the sheeple, the bought and paid for and duplicate voters of this fine nation! obummer will say... "Vlad... yeah, I know. I just have to look good. Play along Vlad, play along... Okay? Please? Make me look good Bud."

"Please Vlad? For me?"

And we'll all see internal strife...

No one wants a weak "president". Well, no one who has any allegiance to our country wants a weak "president" but if you're on the outside looking in, if you're another nation watching this nation's decay occur you've got to be fascinated at how fast a country can fall from grace, from power.

And if you're in Vlad's or any of our other historical "adversaries" shoes you're ELATED! You're going to watch and participate when the opportunity comes.

You have to give it to Putin. He saw the weakness in obummer's "leadership" and opted to act. Vlad saw the fear in obummer's eyes... heard obummer's empty threats... observed obummer's hapless "leadership" and Vlad became the hunter of sorts... the Alpha male of world politics. One of many.

For now at least!

HOLY CRAP! we're screwed!


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