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Saturday, November 27, 2010

the liberal assault on free speech expands, intensifies...

Obama, Sharpton, Jay Rockefeller (WV senator) and many other left wing liberals are encouraging the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to censor and tighten up the regulations on free speech in this country. They're calling for the FCC to remove conservative Rush Limbaugh's radio talk show from the airwaves of the Fox network. Sharpton wants it banned and is calling for stricter standards and guidelines to regulate "free" speech.

You can find the Newsmax.com story here. It's actually quite revealing and shows the direction Obama and friends want to take this country... you and I.

Sharpton is encouraging the FCC to take Rush Limbaugh off the air because of "perceived offenses toward racial minorities and other groups".

Perceived!!! Hey Al, just exactly what are those perceived offenses toward racial minorities and other groups you keep vaguely bringing up? Cite them if you're going to demand the destruction of certain freedoms, the censoring of information. Bring them out in the open so we all can become informed, so we all can candidly discuss them.

I'm believing Sharpton's latest call for censorship, for silencing his competition is because Al's most likely upset with Rush, et.al. on Fox. After all, they're literally slaughtering their competition! Rush's and Fox news viewership grows larger by the month. Sharpton is one of their competitors... albeit a tiny, tiny one. That's actually stretching it. In the sense that yeah, Sharpton has his little left winged, racially slanted gossip show that airs on some forlorn stations out there he is, by definition, competition. But then in that same sense so are the little neighborhood youth football 4th graders when they share the same playing field with their college counterparts. Sharpton's ratings can't seem to get out of the swamp. So again in the sense of the word "competition" I guess he can claim that. But really? c'mon, get real. He's a loser in the ratings wars. I'm believing only his relatives "listen" to him and at that they probably tune their radios in and turn down the volume so they won't have to listen his incessant rants and raves.

However, it's not just Sharpton calling for this loss of freedom. We also have West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller calling for Fox and MSNBC's head. He wants them not only censored but removed entirely... 'Out. Off. End. Goodbye.'

In a senate hearing Rockefeller claimed the removal of Fox News and MSNBC from the airways entirely would "be a big favor to political discourse; to our ability to do our work here in Congress; and to the American people, to be able to talk with each other and have some faith in their government and, more importantly, in their future."

In short Rockefeller is saying we should be fed what liberals want us to hear, not what needs to be heard. He wants to keep us in the dark, give us only that information which will benefit the liberal reshaping of America. Afford the politicos the opportunity to do their work in congress without interference from those who disagree. Dummy up the population... us who know no better... who are ignorant and simply don't understand. Dummy us up and impose upon us the will of the government and the duty to follow that will, their direction without question, without hesitation.

Now those are some truly scary thoughts Rockefeller offered up at that hearing. It makes you wonder what truly is happening in our world, our country behind the scenes, behind closed doors.

More importantly Obama is wholly in their camp.

As mentioned in the previously cited Newsmax.com article he's expressed concern that we, the fine citizens of this once great nation are simply fueling the "sad state of political discourse" solely to distract, divert and even distort the information for the purpose of entertainment rather than "empowerment and emancipation".

Yes, I can see where they want to take this country. I can see how "empowerment and emancipation" will be divvied out only to those who blindly follow without hesitation, without question the liberal cause.

I fear for our children's future. I fear for their freedom, their right to exist without government interference, influence, indoctrination.


1 comment:

Mr. Mcgranor said...

From political correctness to hate speech legislation--all just to marginalyze -- marginal bigoted white men from a society of neurotic reaction to the rational faculty.