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Sunday, July 18, 2010

We're rapidly losing our freedoms!

The Obama regime has taken another step in their efforts to silence their many, many critics. The most recent has been the assault on "WordPress" (blogetry)... 73,000 blogs removed as a result of federal regime censorship.

Taken down by the DOJ. The same DOJ who refused to press charges against the New Black Panthers members for their blatant and reprehensible intimidation of legal voters waiting to vote. The same DOJ who filed a lawsuit against the state of Arizona for having the balls, the guts to enforce the federal laws on the books and protect our borders, our freedoms from illegal entries... a duty to protect and serve us, the citizens of this once great nation that the federal government refuses to do.

We're becoming victims of a growing anarchy. It's an intentional growth... well thought out, by design.

Check out the story here or you can also check it out here.

Either way, we are beginning our indoctrination towards socialism whether we like it or not. If we choose to criticize, to speak out against this overbearing, over reaching government we're silenced by their backroom actions. How long are we going to have to put up with these Chicago socialists taking our rights away one right at a time? They're not even trying to hide the fact that they're hell bent on stripping us of our freedoms, our rights.

This current regime is in place and in pace to destroy our nation as we know it. To destroy our freedoms, our rights, our lives and drag us into that social experiment that's failed everywhere it's been tried... socialism.

The politicos... democrats, independents and republicans alike are making it or letting it happen. It has to stop!

The current regime serves roughly 32% of this nation's people and is running roughshod over the remaining 68%. How do you like that "change" now, Obama voters? Like it or not we're well on our way to anarchy.

There's more to read at the Noisy Room! site. Get educated.

We are being consumed from within.

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