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Sunday, August 16, 2009

What this government can do for you!

Whether you want it or not.

I read an interesting post over at the Blue Crab Boulevard site this morning. Gaius posts an interesting suggestion that the "left" in this country is far removed from liberal. It's argued that those politicos who comprise the current left "are more authoritarian than the culture that the Woodstock generation rebelled against."

I'm inclined to agree. I've thought this for quite some time... that the "left", the current politicos in power are beyond liberal. Granted, some of their ideologies were spawned in liberalism (social health care, immigrant amnesty, cap and trade, global warming, etc.) but that's where it ends.

Step back and take a look at what's happening. Peel back the rhetoric, the glossy spin by the media, the veil of deceit. This particular political administration is building a foundation of control! A foundation that will support total, tyrannical social and economic dependence. A foundation to support subtle (for now) yet suffocating government influence in our daily lives.

This government is not "liberal" or "conservative" as we know it. They tapped into the liberal base of this fine nation to garnish support for their overall agenda and got it with promises yet to be realized. They tapped into that base to divide, conquer and control... to deflect from their true agenda. Their agenda was not created for us, the citizens. It's not designed to be a four or eight year ride and it's certainly not a new, innovative theme. The basic plan is clear... control, AUTHORITY!

Given their current agenda, they propose that the government feeds off of communal wealth, the government shall provide to the populace what the government deems necessary, the government shall deny to the populace what the government forbids, the government shall punish and tax individual success.

It's quite frankly an agenda of control and authority that we're being force fed. Currently, we're not buying it. We're questioning their intentions, their goals and we need to! We need to continue to question, to deny, to resist this administration's attempts to herd us into their paddocks of authority, control. We're independent sorts with freedom, individuality, independence and pride flowing through our veins.

Why would we give up what we have, what we want, what we know... our dreams, our very existence to blindly follow a shadowy group of politicos into a future of servitude?

Nope, this new LEFT government is not liberal by any means! They're very authoritarian, very controlling and very focused on their goals. Quite frankly they're a threat to our freedoms, our very existence as we know it. To them it's all about control, authority, POWER!

Yeah, we were promised change! Personally, I can live without their proposed changes.

Power corrupts!

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