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Friday, July 03, 2009

Honduras, from the inside...

I found this email posted on The Jungle Hut, a blog I recently discovered while reading posts at On The Skyline and following a link to it.

Rita at "the Jungle Hut" has a very good post regarding the Honduras situation. It's insightful and definitely relates to the local Honduran thoughts and attitudes about the recent Honduran reaction to their ex president Zelaya's attempt to create yet another Central and South American dictatorship. The people have had enough, it would appear.

Here's the email Rita received and posted to her blog:

Dear friends of the Mission,

I know you have heard on the news about the recent change in government in Honduras. I am writing in an effort to address the questions and anxieties you may be experiencing concerning the safety of our missionaries, staff and teams in Honduras.

The Honduran President was forcefully removed from office by command of the Honduran Congress and Supreme Court. For many months, the Congress and Supreme Court warned President Zelaya to refrain from specific activities which were deemed to be illegal and unconstitutional.

Last week, Zelaya fired the commander of the armed forces and the chief of the national police because of their unwillingness to assist Zelaya in carrying out the very activities that the Supreme Court and Attorney General deemed unlawful and unconstitutional. (Many understood these firings as Zelaya’s attempt to force change within the government at any cost.) Later, the Congress reinstated the leaders of these armed forces and the Supreme Court affirmed that reinstatement.

Unfortunately, the international media is portraying these events a military coup d’etat. However, it is absolutely clear that the Congress and the newly appointed President are in control of the government – not the military. In forcefully removing the ex-President, the Honduran military acted at the request of the Congress and Supreme Court. The Honduran government has clearly and plainly announced that if ex-President Zelaya returns to Honduras, he will be arrested and put on trial for eighteen outstanding warrants for crimes and treason he has committed against the country of Honduras.

I want to assure you that all of us missionaries feel that neither we nor our teams have been placed in any danger. We are evaluating the situation daily and will not permit any team to come to Honduras if we feel that they are in imminent danger. As of today, (Wednesday, July 1) business in Honduras is pretty much as usual; most schools and businesses are open and operating as normal. Public transportation is moving as well, although some highways have been closed due to damage by some of Zelaya’s supporters and/or due to some demonstrations in localized areas. For the most part, these demonstrations have been peaceful.

Please pray for Honduras, that tomorrow and all of the coming days would be peaceful.

Many thanks to Rita and all of the brave Honduran souls who are standing up to tyranny and marxism, defending their liberties in spite of what the rest of the world thinks!

Including Obama and his entourage! U.N., get out of our country!

I do love the cartoon she posts as well. It's so on the mark!

Long Live Freedom and Democracy in Honduras!


Jungle Mom said...

I am glad to meet you! No problem with the posting and link at all. We need to get the word out.

Anonymous said...

this says it all!

obama is nothing more than a puppet. does he think hes hiding his true intensions from us?

we are not stupid. he needs to wake up and do whats right.

he wont tho. so sad.