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Monday, August 20, 2007

Thank you 2006!!! We have been saved!!!


Can someone please explain to me why anyone would want to vote for the dhimmicrats in 2008?

I mean, a majority of “someones” out there handed them their “victory” in 2006… you know, their pronounced “taking back the country” campaign! Those “someones” gave them the control they wanted… the control they claimed they needed to regain the confidence of the populace.

Well, they got that “control”. Now, what do we have to show for their “victory”?

It’s obviously not our victory… as a nation.

I didn’t vote for them. Personally I have no party affiliation. In 2006 I voted for Independents, Libertarians, Republicans… anything but a dhimmicrat. If there were unopposed dhimmicrats on the ballot I simply didn’t vote for them. I’m not to blame for their 8 months (and counting) of hapless “government”… this rudderless ship we call the United States steered by dhimmicrats is a disaster!

The dhimmicrats, the most inept political party to have ever assembled in America.

They’re inept. They’re incensed about Republicans and quite frankly us for having failed to support them and their corrupt political and personal agendas over the past decade, at least.

They’ve sold their collective souls to the ultra liberal special interest groups.

The dhimmicrats most recent political victory includes inquiries and investigations into the firing of 8 U.S. Attorneys. These politically charged probes continue to occur at our expense… these go nowhere, do nothing probes into a President’s privilege to hire, retain and fire at will those employed in unprotected jobs.

Slick Willy and his significant other were pretty adept at it. They dumped 93 U.S. attorneys. As dhimmicrats they’re pretty well versed at getting rid of those who might threaten their waning and very questionable credibility. They crushed their adversaries or otherwise nudged them out of the way so words like “Whitewater”, “Vince Foster”, “Monica”, “Gennifer Flowers”, “Somalia”, “Haiti”, “impeachment”, “Bosnia”, “Paula Jones”, “Kathleen Willey”, “Kenneth Starr”, “Linda Tripp”, “Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan”, “health care reform”, etc. wouldn’t become household words associated with the Clinton’s obvious corruption and failures.

And to think I voted for Clinton. The second time.

Would someone please tell me what significant piece of legislation has been passed by this defunct, inept defeatistcrat Congress?

Aside from sitting on their fat asses and collecting exorbitant salaries, per diem, perks and bribes while conducting useless, meaningless “congressional investigations” what’s really been accomplished?

Aside from passing a “token” minimum wage bill what’s really been accomplished?

Aside from cutting off funding to our military in the middle of a war what’s really been accomplished?

Aside from aiding and abetting an enemy during a time of war what’s really been accomplished?

Aside from calling our heroic troops killers, murderers, terrorists what's really been accomplished?

They're a party of traitors and defeatists. They're praying the war will be lost for their own political survival. It has to be!

Or they die as a party!

Nah, I think Ted (I can’t swim) Kennedy, Pat (Leaky) Leahy, John (let’s talk about this money later) Murtha, Nancy (I’ve finally made history) Pelosi, Chuck (trust me, wink-wink) Schumer, Harry (I should be president—Yee Haw) Reid, William (you mean it isn't spinach lasagna??) Jefferson, Patty (yeah, what they said.) Murray, Hillary (Where’s Bill at now?) Clinton and oh-so-many more can take their collective dhimmicrat, defeatistcrat party and head back to their happy little communes. They all look good with those silver spoons in their mouths as they continue to pat themselves on their backs while we, the citizens of this fine country seek strong, confident, progressive, responsive leadership!

Nope, there’s nothing under any of these dhimmicrat rocks that I would even begin to care to support.

One of my impromptu rants for what it’s worth.

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