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Sunday, July 15, 2007

OBL's son OBL---

---is married, again. To a second wife who has MS, one helluva sexually active past and is a heckuvalot older than his 27 years.

All I can think of is she must have some good looking grand daughters or grandsons or something.

Jane Felix-Browne (aka: Paula Joy Hanson, aka: Zaina Bint Mohamad Al-Sabah) is a six times married, many times bred Cheshire parish councillor who's wed one of the 18 son's of the world's most wanted man. She's a Brit. Born and raised a Brit. She claims she's lived a pretty wild and firebrand life and she claims to be partially from Kuwaiti descent--- so now, she's Omar's latest in his harem of two.

But, all of her self professed promiscuity is going to change isn't it?

Sure. She's a mooslum bride now. You know, one of those Religion of Peace women.

Currently, she's looking to sell her life story for 10 million pounds so she can provide for her family and Omar. But, she's also asking for money so she can return "home" and hire an attorney. Hmmmm, I wonder why the attorney's needed?

Any donors???

Let's just say she's still a bit confused about things right now---

Especially after ol' Omar upped and married her in April then left her sorry ass in Cairo where she was being treated for multiple sclerosis. Seems Omar married the woman who's almost twice his age and dumped her shortly after the euphoria wore off.

What? A night or two?

There's a pretty good article about her life and current dilemma at the Daily Mail. It's not the most upstanding news rag out there but it usually has some pretty good gossip information.

The information's especially accurate when the person who's the object of the gossip is providing the information to the rag directly.

It seems she's not all that in tune with Omar's desires yet. Evidently Omar isn't happy about how things are being reported and he can't be all that satisfied with his new bride running to the press and chatting with them.

In a recent Associated Press article Omar said he was "stunned and outraged" by the publicity.

Yo! Omar! Wake up Dude! She's the one hand feeding the press the information you twit! She's trying to sell her "life story" so she can provide for your scrap dealing, money grubbing, sorry assed self like a true mooslum bride. You two just have to communicate better. It's difficult at first but gets easier with practice.

I'll bet money her life story's going to be of the "XXX", "Adult" type variety given what I've read about her so far. Biker parties, sex with one of her many husband's younger brothers, multiple affairs, personal claims of working as a "call girl", party parties, etc.

Did you have any idea Omar? Any idea at all? Holy crap this is funny!

WOO HOO!!! What a life!

Yup, right up OBL's alley. Either one... she's gonna make you guys proud! A wonderful mooslum bride.

I couldn't help but find Omar's comments in an article on Yahoo pretty amusing. According to ABDULLAH SHIHRI, the Associated Press writer who wrote the article posted in Yahoo earlier today Omar bin Laden said---

---Felix-Browne — whom he identified by the Arabic name Zaina Bint Mohamad Al-Sabah — was a Muslim of partly Kuwaiti descent.

"Her nationality is not an issue," Omar bin Laden said in the statement. "What is important is her religion and manner."

Omar bin Laden (states) he was also married to a Saudi woman.

"I live a happy life with her," he said. "She has agreed to my (second) marriage ... Polygamy is not strange in our Arab and Islamic society."

Hell, your whole islumic society is strange Omar, not just the "poligamy" thing.

I'll bet the most important issue is her "religion and manner". You have to believe it, right? Hey Omar, she's most likely not going to count as one of your virgins if you decide to take up with your Dad again and happen to martyr yourself.

What a HOOT! Only in islum. I can't wait for the movie!


Anonymous said...

he is georgous, and she's much older lucky guy lucky gal...

ttueoop said...

Gorgeous??? LOL. Okay. If you say so.

Re: Lucky... yeah, as in like "Lucky" was a dog.

I wonder how she's mixing in with the other girls. I did read that she's quite errr... experienced. He'll need her to show him the way.