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Monday, July 31, 2017

And yet more info about Seth Rich...

Another "Clinton Tragedy"???
It's really beginning to look like those "Clintonians" have some more explaining to do. Or maybe not. That would depend on who survives the aftermath of the "purge" of witnesses.

Nope, it doesn't pay to be an associate of the clintons or (so it seems) the DNC these days.



Dan T. said...

Heard something today (tuesday the 1st Aug.) that FOX News is going to be sued for their role in reporting this Seth Rich assassination. Im not sure that it wasnt Tucker Carlson, but the anchor basically said bullshit, see ya in court. The official reply from FOX was a little more diplomatic but said about the same thing.

ttueoop said...

I wouldn't doubt it! Here's hoping it does go to court. We might get some real results.