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Saturday, October 14, 2017


Before I go to watch my grandsons play their playoff game in their youth football league I thought I'd get another word in re: the Not For Long football league's absurd "protests".

I read THIS earlier today and felt compelled to share it.

Please read and share if/when you can.


Germany Warns The U.S. Of War...


This time they're using the Iran Nuclear Deal as their banner.

Can anyone see the irony of Germany warning the United States that our previous "agreement" with Iran needs to continue? You know, that "agreement" between barack hussein obummer and the Iranians. The very same barack hussein obama who paid the Iranians hundreds of millions of dollars in (wink-wink) ransom money prior to vacating the presidency! The very same Germany who's been responsible for the start of two "World Wars".

Yep, that Germany.

Germany's telling us we need to resume the agreement or we will most likely assure another global war. Third time's the charm eh, Germany?

This would be humorous if it wasn't a real suggestion. Germany... the gateway to Europe for thousands of "refugees" who are hell-bent on destroying us.

Iran's not to be trusted and Germany's doing nothing more than enabling Iran.

The question I have is "WHY?"


Ya' gotta love the Irish!

They know how to make good out of bad! This is a great way to spend a lengthy delay at the airport. I really didn't see anyone not enjoying it and most were "joining in".

Music, it's an integral part of communication, of society!


"Entitled" muslims gone bad...

Or mad... or whatever.

Maybe it's just me but I truly don't think they've "gone bad". I think they're doing what they're expected to do by those who mentor, handle them from within their "faith". Given that thought, that belief I can't seem to find any sympathy for theseentitled muslim "professors" and associates who believe their "entitlements" are being infringed upon.

They want what they think is theirs and only theirs. There's no middle ground, no sharing, no compassion for others affected, no desire to negotiate, no discussion. These freaks of nature? Well, they're muslims and they're professors or in some way associated with "higher education" so obviously they consider themselves superior to the rest of us. What they want they believe they're entitled to get and no one can prevent that from happening. Except maybe a cop or two.

Their demanding, self-serving, insolent selves wholly establish they're truly the bellends of society.

Yep... they've gone bad but they're certainly not "mad". It's just the way they are. Get used to it. Or don't. I'm not about to "get used to it". I'll call it out when I see/hear/read it. You should too!


Friday, October 13, 2017

And the RINOs act out again!

This time it's about the decertification of Iran's nuclear deal and Bob Corker's all over it. He wants Iran to have nukes in conformance with that failed POSPOTUS barrack hussein obummer's original plan.

I'm guessing once it gets to the legislators for their obviously liberal biased reviews the nuclear arsenal of Iran will be complete and the whole deal re: decertification, etc. would be a moot point. Corker, et. al... they're not conservatives. They're in it for themselves.

Why in the world would we agree to Iran having nukes? Not that it makes any difference anyways. Since when did Iran care what we thought. IMHO

Just askin'

Okay POTUS Trump... you're going too far.

At least in my opinion.

I woke up and read where you, POTUS Donald J. Trump are trying to dictate to the NFL Commissioner how to run his business. Suggestions and sharing of ideas is one thing but demanding, dictating action is a simple way to shut down all communications, regardless of what it's about, at least.

Rush Limbaugh, a true supporter of yours has this one right! And like Rush Limbaugh I'm concerned about your edicts to that NFL Commission Goodell on this NFL stuff too.

POTUS Trump, I don't like what the pampered pups at the NFL are doing either but then again, I don't have to, neither do you. I shut them off and shut them out. Not my problem anymore. But you're taking the issue over the top and I have to say I can't agree with you dictating what someone, anyone should do with or to their business.

If it's your business then by all means lay the law down and make it happen... your way or the highway but the NFL isn't yours. It isn't ours... it belongs to... hell, I don't even know or care who it belongs to but they have every right to run it into the ground if they want to. And quite frankly I hope they do. Much like I have every right to tune them and their prim a donnas out altogether.

But POTUS Trump, you're not a dictator. Don't go there. You won't win.


UNESCO- buh-bye!

We should never have gone back after POTUS Ronald Reagan pulled us out of that sham of an organization. They're anti Israel and they make no effort to hide that fact!

So, why should we support UNESCO?

They're just another shill for global, one world government. They have nothing to do with us and they really want nothing from us but our money. Our POTUS Donald J. Trump is absolutely right on this subject! They recognize the Palestinian Let UNESCO fend for itself. They'll do just fine without us.

Or not, but why should we care? I don't.


Well Damn! "PACKS OF MUSLIMS"...

They're prowling Farcebook looking for those who dare speak out against the islamic cult on the Farcebook timelines. The truth is finally coming out though it's been known long before now.

Either way, THIS explains a whole helluva lot.

I used to have a Farcebook account... actually two Farcebook accounts but they were both "shut down" by Farcebook. Their official reason (or so others were told)? I failed to properly provide my true and full date of birth on one account and failed to properly provide my true and full name on another one. In other words I did what hundreds of thousands of folks who use the internet do to mask my true information from hackers, etc... I used a pseudonym and a fictional date of birth.

I always wondered what it "officially" was that made them lock me out but then again, it is their territory, their forum so I had no choice but to go elsewhere. When pressed for an explanation I received a note that some "folks" who read my two separate timelines were offended by my disparaging comments and hostile online demeanor. In essence, I was drummed out because of my "anti-muslim rhetoric", or so I heard/read. My Farcebook posts were pretty much along the lines of what I've written here for over ten years. It should be of no surprise to anyone that I don't buy into the argument that islam is a "religion of peace", let alone a "religion" though, as it was pointed out to me decades ago, in the perverted, dark sense of the term "religion", islam could fit the definition. I'd call it more of an occult group than what one would expect when they lump islam in as a "religion". But then again, that's just me.

Anyway, now it's official. Farcebook is allowing muslim groups to hunt those who refuse to accept islam as a religion, let alone a religion of peace and Farcebook is banishing those Farcebook users for eternity based on the whining islamic pack's information.

I'm one of those banned... twice. I wear and will continue to wear that badge with honor!


NFL? Go to Hell!

And take your prim a-donna "players" with you.

Russell Okung has a message for his fellow players. He wants all of the nfl players to resist the nfl's latest direction.

Go for it. I don't care but hey, there's still idiots out there who support those who hate our country and what it stands for. 

Millionaires complaining about being mistreated?



Just sayin'

The NFL crowd at its finest.

The NFL tries to pride itself as America's sport but hey, they're nothing about America. Especially these days. In light of all of the racial pampering and kowtowing and the outright disrespect for our nation,  our communities I guess we can expect more of THIS from their "fans". All the guy wanted the punk to do was sit down so he could watch the game.

The NFL AND the fans of that cesspool "sport" are nothing more than cowards.


Here's an update to this story. The "fan" has been identified and the police are taking action on the incident.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

ISIS claims the rights to Paddock's killing spree...

Those isis, isil freaks. Those muslims... they're desperate for attention these days.

NOW they're trying to claim the right's to Stephen Paddock's killing spree in Las Vegas, Nevada. Don't they have any shame?! They've been reduced to nothing of any significance and have been pushed to the curb, essentially eliminated from the news these days until recently. Now they're desperate to get their name back into the headlines... isis, isil, daesh, islam, muslims... you know the routine.

Isn't this the same land and folks that brought us Baghdad Bob ?! Now damn, he was funny, entertaining!

Remember muslims, daesh, isis, isil... it's an accepted practice for them to deceive, to lie to the rest of the world and they do and will lie at every opportunity in their desperate attempts to claim some hint of recognition.

What a pathetically irrelevant lot they are!


Friday, October 06, 2017

ISIS Claims Paddock Converted To The Cult Of Islam.

I can't say I didn't tell you so! I knew ISIS would try to somehow find a way to lay claim to the Las Vegas tragedy.

ISIS made the claim earlier and have done it again, officially... they've made the claim that the Las Vegas murderer, Stephen Paddock converted to islum prior to going on his murder spree in Las Vegas. Given his Philippine connection that's not wholly improbable. It certainly feeds the conspiracy theorists and provides all the more reason to despise that despicable cult of islam AND Stephen Paddock. If that was possible.

The very fact that representatives of islum wants to claim a wholesale slaughter of innocents enjoying a day of fun and music is beyond the pale!

islum, it is not a religion of peace. It's a vile cult.


Keith Olbermann VS the National Rifle Association...

...and the rest of us.

Just what the heck does this keith olbermann thing think he is? I mean, no one seems to really listen to him anymore do they? I wouldn't know. I really have nothing to do with the fool. Is he still trying to be a comedian? If so, he's failed at that too. He's a horrible comedian and a failed "talk show" host. I don't think he does the news anymore does he? Did he ever have anything to do with the news?

So who the hell cares what he has to say about anything?! I don't but I thought I'd share some of his gibberish with you. Just so you know, here's his latest lunacy...  "the NRA is a terrorist organization"! 

The guy's so far in the cellar that he has to resort to sensationalizing a tragedy and dragging in the National Rifle Association in a very failed attempt to prove his point. Note the idiot's skewed view of the intent of our Second Amendment to the constitution in his "discussion" about it.

I take it back, he can be a comedian at times. Only he doesn't know it. He's trying to be serious.

What a pathetic excuse for a human being, this olbermann thing.


Thanks to Guns America and in particular S.H. Blannelberry for sharing the article referred to above.


Make no mistake, our national and international "news" sources are overwhelmingly biased. They're designed to give us only the information that they feel we should be spoon fed.

It's been happening for decades but in the past there were some attempts by them to disguise their underlying intentions. Lately the press, national and global... they've come out of the closet . They were and still are running an ultra-biased campaign against conservatives. In particular, against our very President Of The United States of America, Donald J. Trump.

Some of you who chat with me regularly already know we've discussed this but I thought I'd dust off the above article from PEW and post it on here to let others read and judge for themselves.

I have only one question for those who think we're not being led by the bought and paid for media... HOW DOES THAT NOSE RING FEEL?!

Surely it has to hurt when you're being led around by your nose all of the time.


John McCain needs to RETIRE!

Arizona! DO SOMETHING!!!

Get John McCain out of office somehow. Just do it legitimately and quickly. He has never really been a true conservative, he never will be a true conservative and lately the blood-sucking, back stabbing, flaming liberal has come out of the closet for the world to see that he truly is what he is... a blood sucking, back stabbing, flaming liberal!

When McCain calls out a truly combat proven hero's ability to lead then I have REAL problems with that sack of shat McCain who calls himself a "conservative", a "republican". He's no more "conservative" than that failed POSPOTUS obummer was and is.

McCain's simply a liberal shill in conservative clothing. Nothing more and Arizona falls for his lies election after election.

I would say John McCain surrendered again but it appears he's always had that liberal streak running through him! Yeah, he's not looking out for our best interests for sure. He's a liar and a fake.

McCain is another perfect example of what we need as a poster child for TERM LIMITS!


Arizona, give McCain the boot. NOW! Dammit!

Bump Stocks...

The legalization of "bump stocks"?! The legalization of gun stocks that are designed to, if effectively applied convert a semi-automatic rifle into an automatic rifle. Another one of the Demoncrat's... another one of Obama's bad laws that we now have to contend with.

And the left blames everything on us, the responsible gun owners of our mighty fine United States of America yet, they're the folks who passed the controversial, unwanted, unsolicited law in the first place.

It's vintage liberal politics. They tell us what we can't have then they give it to us hoping that someone, somewhere will make their "point" for them as to why they believe it should be banned in the first place. When "it" happens they'll turn and point to those of us who would never be remotely interested in doing dastardly deeds with the device, the contraption and hold the horrible event up as their purpose for the need to enforce more control over those of us who don't need it, don't want it.

The left, the liberals give the mentally deranged, their village idiots the "toys" and use them, their liberal village idiot's "toy use" results to govern the rest of us.

It's part of their mantra... they can't help themselves. So now it's past time for us to step in and help ourselves. No one else is looking out for our interests.


Wednesday, October 04, 2017

We're not alone...

Unlike many Americans and many of our "Allies"... Israel, Tel Aviv has our backs! 

Thanks for sharing Dan!

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Black Lives Matter cannot be sued...

It's official. A Federal Judge ruled that the terrorist group, the racist group Black Lives Matter cannot be sued.

To be more precise, an obama appointed black, liberal, federal judge declared that the racist, terrorist organization black lives matter cannot be sued.

End of story!



Gun Control Is Not The Answer

POTUS Donald J. Trump, heed the warning of Steve Bannon. You selected him for a reason. He IS your voice of reason. In light of the recent mass murder in our country.

But gun control is not the answer! after a lunatic, Stephen Paddock shot at and killed at least 59 persons and wounded at least 500 others at Route 91 Harvest country music festival, a recent country western music concert featuring Jason Aldean in Las Vegas, Nevada yesterday, October 2, 2017.

It's a sad time for all. May we keep the families of those who have perished and those who were injured and are trying to recover from their wounds in our prayers!

But gun control is not the answer!

As shown globally... even with "gun control" these mass murders will happen. And they'll be far more damaging, far more intense!

The left are all over ensuring this particular incident become the "poster child" for the left's push to strip us from yet another Constitutional Right... the Second Amendment!

If that happens I'll be an outlaw. IMHO

Pray for those who perished, who are injured and those families who are affected. Pray for our collective souls.

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Muslim Bro'hood turns to Erdogan, Turkey For Radical Recognition.

Islam, muslims... they're looking more and more towards Turkey, Erdogan's regime to legitimize their radical elements. In essence, Turkey seems to be the muslim bro'hood's choice for support, official recognition, globally.

The muslim brotherhood, the "Islamic Relief and the Muslim American Society -- two prominent Islamist groups designated as terrorist organizations by the United Arab Emirates in 2014" and other "U.S. Islamist organizations" are seeking collaboration and support from Erdogan's crowd.

That should tell us something about the intentions of those American comprised anti-American, anti-Christian muslim groups who aren't accepted elsewhere. They're turning to the most radical islamic influence in Europe... Ankara... Turkey... They're turning to Erdogan and his clowns (who seemingly want to be the next moohamud or something).

Yeah, and the mooslum bro'hood's our friend. Tell me again that their overt, blatant devotion to radical islam, to our very destruction is all a figment of my imagination too.

I'll believe that when I see it. Wink-Wink.

islam, it's nothing more than a cesspool, a petri dish for terrorists and terrorism, IMHO

Danish School Children Fear Their Classmates

 And it seems they should.

The Danes in Denmark are re-thinking their acceptance of the daesh, "muslim" migrants but I think it just might be a day late and a dollar short. It seems the little muslim immigrant "children" who are being taught in Danish government approved "private schools" private schools" are wanting to break their Danish hosts children's hands and legs. It's also been reported that the muslim "children" are writing prose and poetry about torturing and breaking the limbs of their new found, non-muslim victims to be. Further, Danish Christian instructors are not always permitted at these private islamic schools. In at least one instance, most likely many more, an imam from Iraq was "brought in" to teach the muslim students their lessons relating to Christianity. I can only imagine how well that went for our fellow Christians.

The imams teaching lessons describing Christianity to muslim children, muslim cretins calling their classmates "Danish pigs" and the Christian children who are obviously hated by the muslims are just a wee bit uncomfortable with the curriculum and their muslim classmates.

It may be too late but at least some of the government regulators of the private "schools" are reporting the muslim "lessons" taught to the muslim cretins in those "schools" to the authorities.

Welcome to Denmark. Soon to be a part of the European caliphate.


Saturday, September 30, 2017

Recent West Point Graduate Is A Communist.

He's recently graduated from West Point. Was recently assigned to Ft. Drum and is in dire need of a transfer to Afghanistan. While in West Point he vamboozled the overhead, the staff, his fellow classmates (or not) and on his graduation day he discloses his motives for attending West Point and his love of communism... not to mention his love for "Chelsea" Manning.

It sounds to me like  Second Lieutenant Spenser Rapone needs a re-assignment, a deployment to Afghanistan. Send him out into the remote, jihadist, guerrilla populated mountains with his assigned platoon of seasoned veterans and give the vets in his platoon AK's as a secondary weapon. Ensure the vets have whatever rounds their quarry are using at the time of Rapone's deployment. Let Rapone lead the way.

I'm pretty sure battlefield justice will take over from there.

If the fool's smart enough to outsmart the West Point selection folks and the Academy's cadre then he's no dummy. Or at least he wasn't until he showed his true love for communism and Che Guevara, et. al.

If he doesn't like our values, our country then he has no business being in our military. The problem is he probably bumped someone else who's most likely far more qualified for the West Point assignment than him from attending West Point just so he could make his liberal, communist statement.

You know, the Army can also simply wrap him up in a bow and send him to Chelsea Manning. Better yet, give ol' Rapone the boot out of the military, a dishonorable discharge and be done with the fool. He'll show up later on down the road on a communist ballot for some friggin' political office somewhere, most likely.


Friday, September 29, 2017

Gun Arrests Increase

Those of us who are illegally in possession of firearms are being arrested. As it should be!

The arrests of those who have illegally acquired a firearm and/or are otherwise in possession of a firearm when they're not legally allowed to be has increased by 23% thanks to Attorney General Jeff Sessions latest orders to those federal agencies and agents enforcing our laws.

This should help remove those of us who are allowed by the second amendment to possess and carry firearms from the scrutiny of the liberal gun hounds and their handlers. At least for the time being.

The bottom line, if you've sacrificed your Second Amendment right to possess, carry a firearm then you may be on Jeff Session's  hit list.

I'm not on the hit list. Not anymore. I never legally was on the guv'ment's hit list. The liberals have left the building.

At least for now.

Thanks for sharing this Dan! It's good info.


NFL's Trying To Salvage What They Once Had?!

Maybe, but let's hope they're toast. As long as they're around there's going to be other attempts at this shat.

Personally I found a whole new world out there on my Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays. I want to thank the National Football League and their overpaid, prima-donna "players" for, well trying to "play" us, their "fans". They tried to play us and it seems to have backfired a bit... so far.

But this retired cop's spot on!!!

"Nope, that dog ain’t gonna hunt, at least not in my house"! Nope, not in mine either Dustin Rogers. Thanks for your uplifting post...

..."like a Walmart bookshelf"!

Now that's funny!!!

Monday, September 25, 2017

The NFL, a thing of the past

Hopefully. It is for this household anyways. I've been a fan of the NFL before the Dallas, Greenbay Ice Bowl. I loved the game, was inspired by the teamwork, the commitment that had to occur to play the game. I played as long and as hard as I could.

I loved to play American Football. I loved everything about it... until lately.

Now, I can't stand to turn on a game let alone listen to or watch the "updates" on our local news. I rejoice now when I learn my once favorite team loses. I have no respect for any of them anymore. I'm hoping they're going to fail and fade away into oblivion much like those other self centered, greater than thou clowns out there who think they own us and everything we do.

So, to say I'm no longer a fan is an understatement. I'm delighted to hear that the NFL's Sunday night's ratings dropped considerably!

Now let's focus on getting them off of the field entirely.



An open letter to the NFL, to the players in general...

To my old lifelong NFL friends,
I had an epiphany...
It has nothing wholly to do with the NFL but it does have to do with self serving athletes and their absurd "outbursts", "demonstrations"...
I've come to the realization that (as many of you point out) they absolutely have no reason to complain but they do. They have absolutely no regard for anyone's interests but their own. Unlike many of you though (and there's absolutely no slight against any of you intended), I believe they know what they're doing. They know they're in a position of some self perceived "authority" to impose upon others what they demand and they're doing just that. They'll do it until the funds fade away and their self importance diminishes over time. I think it's a choreographed plan. It's a simple plan, it isn't confusing and they thought it through. They're willing to run the risk of losing money knowing they most likely won't lose all that much in the end. But, they will earn more when it's all over and done with.
The players, the NFL employees, they're so self important that they truly believe they're ambassadors of social change. They're not. If they're to be ambassadors of social change then leave the gridiron, go to the inner-cities and effect positive changes. Give the millions they earned to charity and live the life the apostles lived. Live among the poor, the diseased, the hungry, the challenged... not for a day, a week, a month but for the rest of their lives.
Effect those changes from within. Put their money where their mouths are. Don't just fly into a major city, hop a limo to the inner city and mingle with the crowd for a half hour, an hour or so.... GIVE IT ALL UP AND LIVE THERE WITH THEM! Effect change, don't try to affect it by tossing money at it. Actually live, share, experience their lives. Not the ones you lived "back in the day" in those cities but the ones they're living now.
If these "professional" (as in paid exorbitantly) athletes truly want to make a difference then get off of the field and get into the ghetto life. Stay there until you make the changes you sought to make. All of the "police brutality", all of the "racism", all of the "gangsta activity", all of the single parent families struggling to make ends meet... help put an end to it by living it, calling it out whenever you see it and ensure it never returns. Educate the youth, the parents, the siblings, the career politicos, the mentors...
Leave the gridiron and make a difference. Don't pout and throw your sorry arsed tantrums out there on the field. Don't toss around your short lived self perceived importance. That doesn't serve to help anyone. DO SOMETHING!
Finally, as an aside...
Isn't Dennis Rodman one of North Korea's Kim Jong Un's favorite NBA play toys? I'm only asking this because there's an obvious link between money, self importance, perception, physical talent, conceit and greed. It doesn't seem to matter what sport, or for that matter what career so long as they're filthy rich and insist they're talented beyond belief, whether they are or not.
But Rodman?! Important?! I wonder how he's going to feel when he gets strapped to the muzzles of an AA gun in the middle of the "arena" in front of an audience of NK school girls who are being groomed to service the little dictator with the funny haircut. Yep, pro sports athletes have really let their manufactured self importance, their overblown egos, their entire existence go to their heads haven't they. Much like the hollywood stars do. It's funny what a little bit of money will do to a previously likeable and entertaining human being. For many of them money turns them into greedy, annoying, obnoxious, conceited, self important sorry excuses for human beings.
Good riddance NFL.

One Lone Warrior...

Not every one of the NFL folks are the cowards that some think they are. There's at least one who bucked his orders by his coach and respected our nation, our unity and there's some team owners who ensured their team were on the field. But then there were those who, while on the field found their way to protest.

And protest they did. But not Alejandro Villaneuva. He didn't protest our country, our flag. He didn't disrespect our heritage.

Alejandro Villaneuva is a PATRIOT! Being the Army Ranger veteran he is he knows what it's all about to love our country.

Alejandro said... "“I will stand very proudly and sing every single line of the national anthem every single time I hear it. I will stop whatever I’m doing because I recognize I have to be very thankful to be in this country.” On top of his most likely alienation by his fellow players he's gambling his hefty salary for his love of our country. He's known to be a team player but he refuses to disrespect our country. Now that's a patriot!

By doing so he went against the cowardly Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin's direction and left the team of misfits cowering in the locker room so he could respect our country. He's the only Pittsburgh Steeler to come out onto the field, stand and respect our country, our unity, our national anthem during the Steeler's vs Bears game.

I'm done with the NFL! We cancelled our xfinity nfl network package today only because I couldn't get it done yesterday.

God Bless America.

NFL, Go To Hell!

Ben Carson, A Voice of Reason!

Now here's the guy who would have received my vote for POTUS if he would have made it that far. He didn't. I blame myself for that because whoever I happen to support usually gets the early boot. It's just my "kiss of death" for a candidate... me supporting them.

Either way, Ben Carson gives his (as usual) well thought out, guiding comments to those prima-donnas who make up the NFL. Hopefully another soon to be defunct "Football League".

May God continue to BLESS AMERICA!


Sunday, September 24, 2017

Will Someone Please Define Their Version Of Police Brutality?!

Here's my take. I wrote this in response to a post to an article I read by a young lad who's totally oblivious to the real world.


A simple note, a request to "AD", an individual who commented re: a recent article I read on another publication's site.

"AD" Define "Police Brutality" please. 

Use a universal definition if you wish but define it. I'd prefer the universal definition. Just a little background here. I'm an Army veteran, served with the 82nd. Airborne and the 9th Infantry, 1972-75. I was a law enforcement officer from 1975-2015. I have two college degrees. I still "dabble" in law enforcement when necessary and when I'm called to "dabble" in it. Throughout my career I didn't get home every night like I thought I would but I did eventually get home. I did ensure that every bad guy I ever encountered got the opportunity to get the justice they deserved, they earned regardless of their crime. I always left the "justice" part up to a judge or jury or God himself . In the end, a few didn't ever go home again but I have to say they did get the justice they deserved. I can count on three fingers the times I was accused of police brutality. None of those charges ever passed muster. Not because the "job" was stacked against the accuser but because the accuser was lucky to be living. If anything my use of reasonable force was called into question more often than not because I chose the lesser of the many evils and still effected the arrest(s). Albeit with new aches and pains, scrapes and bruises and broken bones for all involved in the fracas'. In the end, I believe every cop... every true cop believes all involved needs to survive the fracas, the arrest. "Brutality" is nothing more than a hue and cry from the left, from those who wish to wrest us back into a totalitarian nightmare much like Europe experienced in the 30's and 40's. The left throws the term out like college kids throw condoms to the curb on prom night. The left uses it to distract, to serve as a magnet for those who might have some doubt, for those who are weak and impressionable, for those who are seeking attention, recognition. Once the left, the shat stirrers find they have an audience to their lunacy, their intended means they run with it. Nope... me going home and the puke I arrested going to jail isn't a product of police brutality, it's an example of, a product of effective training by our mentors and subsequently, proper policing. There are limits to the use of force... legal limits too. When the legal limits are exceeded then by all means make the charge, make the challenge. I may just join in with you because I don't want my noble profession tainted by bad behavior. And admittedly sometimes it was, sometimes it is and quit frankly it will be again. But to lay a blanket claim of universal "police brutality"!! To claim there's an overwhelming undercurrent of "police brutality" in the profession! Well, bub... you have absolutely no idea what law enforcement entails let alone what the world around you is all about. 



I'm done with all of these fat cat millionaires and their anti-America antics.

They can call it what they want. Label it however they want to label it, wrap it up with whatever cover they want to wrap it in but quite frankly they live the high life and these prima-donna, fat arsed millionaires have no business telling us how difficult life is out here in the real blue collar world!

Race division is a tool used by the elite to maintain instability. I guarantee you when you're out here in the real world and you're in need of some help or simply wanting some casual, friendly exchanges you won't care what race the person is you'll simply interact with them accordingly. But most of you in the NFL were never really out here in the real world for any length of time to know what it means to be able to wake up the next morning and still have a job to go to, a family to share time, experiences with and enough money to pay the bills with maybe a little left over to buy gas or even take in a movie or something.

Many of you went from rags to riches overnight and now think that money talks, money does it all, money buys importance. It doesn't, it simply exposes the ugliness in those who aren't deserving of it. Too much, too quick, too soon simply fosters more greed, more self serving importance and a sense of faux "status". You're not important. You play a game and you're in the entertainment industry. You have short careers because the game you play is a game of violence. You get paid exorbitant wages for your short careers because your career's life expectancy is short. Outside of being an entertainer, a fool for violence what do you have? An off-season of aches, pains, uncertainty?

Bottom line National Football League players and employees I mean nothing to you hence you mean nothing to me. You're nothing more than gifted athletes with a short career life span. My career lasted forty years. I managed to get things done on a pittance compared to the volumes of cash you make. I've served my time protecting our nation and later my neighborhoods. I'm proud of what I did and I hold my head high. I have no trophies on my mantle, I don't have a six, seven, eight digit retirement salary. I live modestly. I have one wife and my children and grandchildren that I've known and loved all of my adult life.

I live in the real world. I was born to it, grew up in it and will die a free man in the real world. And this free world, our mighty fine United States of America... this free world will live on! In spite of your greed, your shenanigans, your self righteous greater than thou attitudes. So keep in mind you've lost one very long time fan simply because of your greed, your self service, your perceived "self importance".

America does not need the national football league.

The NFL and its players are so far removed from the reality of life that they have absolutely no idea what they're protesting.


You fools protest those very things so dear to us that so many of us willingly sacrificed life, limb and freedom for. You protest the very notion of our country? Our unity? For what? For self serving recognition. For racial divide?!

Nah, I'm done with the national football league and I'm done with your idiotic "demonstrations". As it was, is and will be... from now on it's me, mine and our own. Each person, each family for themselves.

You want division? You've got it!



Europe: A Muslim Caliphate In Short Order

In 30 to 40 years the Mideast muslims who invaded Europe today, they and their spawn will be the majority in Europe. It's a simple, mathematical fact.

I included a link to an article authored by  in The Gatestone Institute that IMHO correctly labels the muslim "invasion" of Europe as the beginning of  "The Great White Death" in Europe, as we now know it.

The sad and maddening fact is that many of the European leaders embrace the idea.

Personally, I won't be around to experience the pain but those of mine who follow me will be affected by the fall of Europe as we know it if someone over there doesn't get a handle on sanity soon!


Saturday, September 23, 2017

A Huntington Beach, California Police Shooting.

I received this information re: an officer involved shooting that's been partially videoed  by an innocent bystander. The confrontation allegedly started prior to the videoing of the incident.

According to the information given, A Huntington Beach Police Officer encounters a subject at a local 7-11 store in Huntington Beach, CA and during the encounter a fight ensues between the two. The officer and the subject somehow go to the ground.

The bystander who videoed the remainder of the encounter was waiting for someone else in a parked car in the store's parking lot. He/she started videoing the ground encounter on his/her cell phone.

In the initial footage of the video it's apparent to me anyways that the officer is trying to gain control of the subject's arms. The officer is on top of the subject and appears to have one of the subject's wrists somewhat restrained while trying to gain control of the other one. The subject who is on the ground, on his back beneath the officer appears to remove something from the officer's duty belt with his right hand. The subject also appears to look at it and appears to show it to the officer. It even appears the subject tries to employ whatever he removed from the officer's duty belt against him. At the 014-017 mark in the video the officer appears to recognize a threat from the subject and the object removed and disengages himself from the ground fighting. The officer pushes the subject's head away and stands up, drawing his sidearm as he stands.

Once the officer is standing and has his sidearm drawn he appears to step away from the subject all the while giving the subject verbal commands.The subject appears to ignore the officer's commands, stands up and starts towards the officer with the object in his right hand... the subject even looks at the object.

With his sidearm pointed at the subject the officer gives the subject more verbal commands as the subject continues towards him, closing to well within fifteen feet of the officer. The officer eventually employs lethal force and subsequently neutralized the perceived threat.

The six million dollar question is what did the bad guy take out of the officer's duty belt?!

I'm thinking it was a knife or at least the officer thought it was a knife.

I have news for the NFL...

I quit watching and following their crap when they started protesting our existence as a nation, our flag, our national anthem. There's nothing racist about me but I am a patriot and I refuse to support any anti-American, anti-USA theme!

We were in this all together at one time. Not so much anymore I guess...

Goodell and the NFL can kiss my arse! But by all means protest more because there's a lot more folks like me out here who are turning their backs to overpaid athletes who think they're God's gift to the rest of us.


God Bless America!!!


And Yet Another Hillary Video.

“This video from my local bookstore @scatteredbooks in Chappaqua put a smile on my face! Love the soundtrack, too,” Hillary Clinton's post to twitter said.
Now that's a coffee through the nose moment...

It's truly pathetic. This time it's about her most recent novel, "What Happened". Oh hillary, give it a break! Please make it stop. You're embarrassing to watch, to listen to. I'm embarrassed for you and I despise you!

Evidently the Butcher Bitch of Benghazi, hillary clinton just can't get enough abuse. I'm beginning to think she actually enjoys being called out for her narcissism, her incessant lies, her bizarre, irrational behavior. I'm think she'll settle for being publicly abused just to be, well, PUBLIC.

Here's a clip of the ol' Butcher Bitch of Benghazi's (hillary clinton) most recent book promotion that made her "smile". Keep in mind she claims it's all an "impromptu", "unsolicited"... totally "out of the blue" video that was independently created (wink-wink) and published by a youthful group of her followers whilst the kids were at a local community bookstore perusing her novel. You know, just doing things that most kids do these days with "snapchat" and all. Making videos hyping a low level novel authored by a failed politico.

That video's about as impromptu as our four seasons, personal birthdays and holidays are.

It's a disease I tell you. She's so infatuated with herself that she, her ego can't believe others don't believe her, don't like her, don't trust her. EVEN WHEN SHE BLATANTLY LIES which seems to me to be most of the time she can't believe she's not being believed.

Either way, the comments following the video are priceless, as usual. Typical hillary bullshat. She always generates something humorous when she's trying to be serious.

I'll make this simple for her.


WE DIDN'T, DON'T AND WON'T WANT YOU FOR ANYTHING. GIVE IT A REST. RETIRE ALREADY AND FIND SOME DIGNITY SOMEWHERE. For what it's worth it's my opinion that you never really amounted to anything reasonable, publicly publicly or privately on any independent voter's ballot. Your sordid history precedes you and those you associate with.

Give it up already. Fade away into retirement.... try to salvage as much honor and dignity that you can salvage.


John McCain says "no" to health care.


Arizona! Do your job!

John McCain is certainly not a conservative, let alone is he one to favor our health.

Though let's be fair. He has the best health care in the world being as he's a politico serving as a Senator at our expense. He has no worries, no reasons to worry about health care so why should he. In the meantime the rest of us have to dabble with what we can... home made remedies, forego those services we can't afford, run unnecessary health risks in order to live day to day given the incomes we receive.

Even at that, we're good to go with not having just any ol' health care bill shoved down our throats... you know, like the one that was voted on several years back... the one that folks had to vote on before they could read it and had to read it before they knew what was in it.

So what'd they do?

They voted on it... obummer-care. An expensive, do nothing for you "health care" for us middle class minions who happened to have jobs and were expected to pay exorbitant prices for treatments and remedies we could illegally get or purchase internationally. Yep, obummercare opened up a whole new underground health market that took advantage of all things middle class.

And McCain supports it.

McCain is not our friend. He needs to leave... soon. I can't help but think this is McCain's "touche" to us peons before he finally checks out.


Ft. Collins, Colorado selectively enforces our laws?!

The city of Ft. Collins, Colorado recently removed a very highly qualified police chief applicant from their top list of six candidates because the applicant  wouldn't selectively enforce the laws of the land.

It seems the applicant, a recently retired and very qualified Chief Criminal Deputy from the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) in central Arizona was in support of protecting our nation from the massive influx of illegal aliens.

Steve Henry, a 55 yrs. old military veteran with over 23 years of law enforcement applied for the position and made it to the final six applicants. He was "dumped" from the list "because he publicly supported an Arizona law (SB1070) that makes it a state crime to be in the U.S. without proper documentation and bans “sanctuary city” policies. The measure also allows local law enforcement officers throughout the state to inquire about suspects’ immigration status."

In other words, Ft. Collins, Colorado summarily dismissed Mr. Henry from the "short list" of candidates simply because he favored the unbiased enforcement of the laws of our nation, our society.

Unbiased enforcement of the laws of our community, our nation, our society is a trait that should be required of any stellar applicant for any law enforcement position in this country in my opinion. 

But then again, I'm old school law enforcement. We enforced the laws on the book, not the laws preferred by politicos, special interest groups, criminal organizations and activists.

Yep, we're fighting an internal battle of our life for our country right now.


Friday, September 22, 2017

The Beasts Eat Their Own

I've said this in the past and I still haven't been convinced otherwise, Islam, muslims, daesh... call it what you will... they are not anything about "PEACE". At least not about a shared peace with anyone, anything not muslim, islamic.

A muslim's professed intolerance of the "moderate muslims" simply suggests they're not going to change. They're not going to condone the moderate muslim reformers but they'll use those "moderate" imams to their advantage.

Case in point...

"Abdelbaki Essati, the imam the authorities believe was at the center of terrorist attacks in and around Barcelona, was apparently a master of deception -- "too polite, too correct". He was apparently able to deceive European intelligence services by preaching a "moderate" version of Islam, while at the same time, orchestrating deadly jihadist attacks."...

abdelbake essati called himself a "moderate muslim". It was subsequently determined he was nothing more than a muslim, "moderate" or otherwise.

Taqiya, taqqiyah... the practice of muslims lying to achieve acceptance from those who aren't muslims (and some of those who are). It's alive and well in Europe, the next caliphate. I have a problem with the term "moderate muslims". I mean, if they're preaching the koran, quran... whatever you want to call that book. If they're preaching from it and preaching in earnest from it then they're absolutely not teaching peace.

If they're recruiting in Europe then it's to establish a caliphate. A European caliphate for one of their satanic "muslim" leaders.

Merkel's most likely going to be one of those muslim's short lived roof top spectacles when the muslims take charge.

Moderate muslims are nothing more than enablers!


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Well hell! Where's the Wall already?!

Israel's making one!

And it's already having an affect! Why are we delaying? Build the wall already!!!

Israel's border has tunnels, our border has tunnels. Fix it Trump! Build that darned wall!

In the meantime Hamas, Hezbollah and all those other yahoos who want to destroy Israel are being hand spooned money... U.S. dollars I might add by obummer and his Iranian buddy that sheik alla babba dude.

Barack hussein obama and Iran! Where'd the money go?

Remember when your POSPOTUS Barack Hussein Obama sent plane loads of cash to Iran one dark and stormy night before that failed POSPOTUS obummer got the boot?! 

Well, here's a take of where some of that cash went... and is still going.

Iran seems to be lining the pockets of terrorists with at least SOME of the cash your failed POSPOTUS barack hussein obummer handed over to Iran. And they're not going to stop any time soon.

"Last month, Hamas terrorist leader Yahya Sinwar admitted relations with Iran are excellent and Iran is the largest supporter of the [Hamas military wing] Izz el-Deen al-Qassam Brigades with money and arms."

"Iran reportedly provides Hamas with about $60-$70 million."

Tell me again that POSPOTUS barack hussein obummer was our friend, was looking out for our interests, wasn't our enemy! 

You're a fool if you believe what you were told by obama and a liar if you repeat it with any hint of agreement! The proof's in the pudding and quite frankly it wasn't all that veiled of a "gift" anyways. Everyone and their brother knew obummer was lining the pockets of terrorists throughout his time in office spent betraying us and more importantly before he left office. 

Allegedly, (wink-wink).

obama's not our friend. He never was, he never will be. He was a bought and paid for shill who was groomed to do just what he did. Except he didn't finish the job. I'd call obummer a traitor but I truly don't think he had nor does he have any allegiance to our country whatsoever. 

We haven't heard the end of that puke!

All of this is, of course IMHO!